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Experience the Brazilian approach to waxing, stunning skin and a brilliant smooth body. We are specialists in waxing and anti-cellulite massage. Our unique and traditional Brazilian sugaring technique is an all-natural, less painful and healthier way to wax. Visit our sugaring page to found out more!

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Cellulite Reduction Massage

Brazilian secrets is committed to providing outstanding Brazilian Waxing for affordable prices. In Brazil, beauty has been refined to an art form, where Brazilian women have been sharing and passing down their secrets for generations. I want to share these Brazilian waxing Secrets with you.  Our vision is to provide the highest quality service, and to be recognised as the place to go in Wellington for unbeatable beauty and waxing services.

What we offer:

We have 15 years of industry experience and use traditional Brazilian beauty therapy techniques to deliver the highest possible quality. We make sure to add a personal touch to all of our treatments, while still providing an efficient service for you.

We offer a specialised range of treatments which focus on providing a high quality professional service.  These include; Brazilian waxing, Cellulite Reduction Massage, Eye treatments, Nail treatments, Facials, and Spray Tanning.

The Brazilian Secrets Way:

Cleanliness is our top priority. We can assure you that our equipment and our linen are sterilized and cleaned to the highest standard. The products that we use are the best that we can find to ensure your experience is exceptional. 

What's different?

Unlike other Wellington Beauty businesses, we have developed our own traditional wax recipe and technique of sugar waxing. This recipe is all-natural, less painful and much healthier than using nasty synthetic chemicals. To find out more about this traditional sugaring technique, click here