The first steps

Hi, my name is Marcia I am a trained Beauty therapist all the way from Brazil with over 15 years experience.

Beauty and football to Brazilians is like Rugby and the environment to New Zealanders, It's just imposed on you at a young age and you can't help but see it all around you. Whether you love it or hate it it's just there. 

Your first introduction to the beauty world in Brazil is when you are about 12 where tips and tricks are passed down from mother to daughter on how to maximize your potential and look great whilst your doing it. There are expectations of what you should know from waxing to being able to do your eyebrows, nails and skin care.

 This tradition has created a huge beauty industry where we now have many state of the art surgery's and beauty clinics that America and many other counties like to take advantage of.

Why have I started Brazilian Secrets ? 

It was a no brainer to me to start my own studio up here in Wellington doing what I love and sharing my secrets with you so started Brazilian Secrets Beauty Studio. My philosophy is to live love and feel great.

Amongst traditional waxing I am also offering a great, new to NZ, sugaring technique with my own natural wax recipe see below for a better explanation. Other services I offer are, Eyelash Tint & Eyebrow Shape, Full Body Massage and cellulite reducing massage, for a full list of services check out my price list page.

One of my favorite Brazilian beauty secrets is my own waxing "recipe" developed many years ago in my home town Ipatinga. It's a fabulous "sugaring" wax and technique using a special wax made from natural and fresh products including lemon and Chamomile. Now of course sourced in NZ. The Sugaring technique that I use derives from traditional sugaring methods which is still quite rare to find a salon that can do the real deal in Brazil.

My sugaring mixture is applied at room temperature and can be used for Brazilian bikini waxing, upper lip waxing, eyebrow waxing, forearm waxing, underarm waxing, leg waxing, etc. 

Of course pulling your hairs out by the root is always going to hurt but I am often given feedback on how smoothly the experience was with less pain then usual and a fantastic overall result. Find out more by reading the page on sugaring.

It is a sort after method of waxing in Brazil and has proven to be more popular than traditional modern  waxing given the healthy ingredients used and relative ease of the treatment.

So don't wait pick yourself up and treat yourself or your partner down at Brazilian Secrets with a range of great beauty services. ;)