Microblading &

Semi Permanent Makeup

For the ultimate eyebrow make over you can't get better

and more natural looking then Microblading

Eyebrow Microblading


Microblading is the best treatment on the market to obtain natural looking amazing eyebrows. Unlike tattooing microblading is used with a special hand held microblade pen that places individual strokes into the upper layer of the skin (epidermise) that mimic the direction and shape of your natural eyebrow hairs. This is a very customised treatment that is performed by highly experienced beauticians. Click on the Q&A button to learn more.    

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Eyebrow Microblading



Microblading eyebrow design
Microblading application
Eyebow microblading Questions & answers
Microblading Consultation

Eyebrow Design


After Care

Touch ups   $195
60 - 90 min

Corrections   $90
60 min


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Eyebrow Semi Permanent Makeup

120 min


60 - 90 min


Eyebrow Touch Ups


Many people under estimate the influence of their brows. They balance your whole face, frame your eyes and allow you to express yourself in subtle and not so subtle ways. Sculpt your eyebrows to that perfect look that you can wake up to in the morning and without the worry that something is out of place. Perfectly applied make up that wont wash off and will look great all day every day. 

Eyeliner Semi Permanent Makeup

A perfect alternative to make up that really highlights your eyes. Unlike mascara that you have to apply every morning, be careful not to smudge, and wash off at night, now you can wake up looking like you already have makeup on, fantastic! A great option for those with a busy lifestyle. Thuy our beauty expert in Microblading & Semi Permanent Makeup is immaculate in her application and leaves you with a simply stunning result.

Eyeliner Upper or Lower


90 - 120 min

Eyeliner upper and Lower


150 min

Eyeliner Upper or Lower Touch Up


60 min

Lips Semi Permanent Makeup

Go as bold or subtle as you want and get that perfect look you've been longing for. Perfectly blended to your natural lips and the shape of your mouth you will be impressed with how great they look after the treatment. There is very little that can compare to your lips after this treatment.

Full Lips


150 min

Full Lips Touch Up


60 min

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