Popular Waxing

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Brazilian, G-string & Bikini waxing - Sugaring

Initial Brazilian Waxing


30min - 45min

Brazilian Maintenance Wax 5 to 6 weeks



Bikini Line Wax


20min - 30min

G-String Wax


20min - 30min



30min - 45min

Brazilian - 6+ Months Pregnant

Leg Waxing

Female leg Sugaring or waxing

Half Leg Wax - Lower


15min - 20min

Half Leg Wax - Upper


30min - 45min

Full Leg Wax



Arm  Waxing

Under Arm Wax



Forearm Wax



Full Arm Wax


20min - 30min

Female arm waxing and Sugaring

Face Waxing

Sideburns or Chin or Upper Lip Wax



Chin & Upper Lip Wax


15min - 20min

Full Face Waxing


45min - 60min

(Forehead, Eye Brows, Upper Lip, Chin, Sides and Neck)

Chin, Lip and Face waxing or sugaring

Combination Waxing Treatments

Initial Combination Wax

Under Arm / Brazilian / Lower Leg



Brazilian or bikini or G-string Waxing - Sugaring
Female Leg waxing and sugar waxing
Eyebrow shaping & tinting - Eyelash tinting



Maintenance Combination Wax 

Under Arm / Brazilian / Lower Leg

Female Waxing & Sugaring

Everything we use is sterilized and cleaned for each new customer. We only use top quality products and stay as natural as we can dependent solely on your own preferences.