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Symbol of the tropicality of Brazil, the "pitangueira" has leaves that exude a soft perfume from which the essential oil is extracted, revealing tropical, vibrant and fresh notes. This body oil, with a very light texture, enhances the natural tone of the skin.


How to use

Shake before using. During the bath,

apply on the body except the face. Rinse.



With emollient properties and deodorant action, it promotes a feeling of freshness after rinsing, in addition to leaving your skin soft and delicately scented with fresh and vibrant pitanga notes.


• Soothes and rebalances the skin
• Forms a protective, moisturizing and scented film on the skin
• Reduces skin stress
• Ultra light texture, ideal for daily use on wet or dry skin
• 96% natural origin
• Vegan


Hydrates for 24 hours.


Manufactured by Natura Brazil

Pitanga (Brazilian Cherry) Triple Phase Shower Oil - Natura Ekos

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